Services and Fees

Our Services

Angels Pet Sitting offers a range of dog walking, pet sitting and other pet care services. If you’d like to hear more about our services or schedule a personal consultation, please contact us today. We’re always happy to answer your questions – we’d love to meet you and your pet(s) and develop a custom pet care plan that meets your specific needs!

Dog Walks/Runs/Pet Visits

Dog Walks

You know what your dog really wants: walks, walks, and more walks! Our dog walkers give your dog the chance to get out and about, getting the exercise they need to stay happy and healthy!  This service includes a walk around the neighborhood (or playtime in the backyard), fresh water, treats and feeding, as instructed.

Dog Run or Exercise Walk

This service is designed for the energetic dog that needs to burn off extra energy (and maybe a few calories!) It helps dogs stay happy and healthy and has a calming effect! This is a 45 minute walk or run.  Must be scheduled for off-peak hours (peak hours are 11am-4pm). Dog must be leash trained.

Cat Visits-

Feeding, watering, playtime, and litter box maintenance (plant watering, bringing in the mail, and taking out the trash as needed).

Litter box change
A full scrub down – we’ll wash and dry the box, then add clean litter.


Overnight Pet Sitting


Don’t want to leave your dog in a kennel?  When you’re away on business or on vacation, let our experienced, caring pet sitters make sure that your pet gets the attentionplaytime and TLC they need! When our pet sitters are on the job, you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands. At Angels Pet Sitting, we know dogs can get lonely when their owners go away on vacation or business trips. With our overnight dog sitting, we keep your pet company with our “dinner to breakfast” service, which includes one evening, one late night and morning walk. (Afternoon walks are subject to standard rates. Discounts apply to extended stays. Please contact us for more information.)


We don’t neglect felines! Angel Pet Sitters are a special breed of feline lovers well-versed in caring for all types of cats, whether they’re shy, bossy, or anything in between! We’ll give your kitties fresh food and water, scoop the litter, and check on them to make sure they’re healthy and happy. Plus, you’ll get a full progress report so you can find out whether your kitty was naughty or nice while you were away.


Pet Sitting by the Hour

Not to worry when you have to leave the house! Golfing event, running errands, stay late at the office or lunch at the Bistro, our sitter will come to your home to take care of your pet(s) whenever you need to be away.


Hotel Visits

Hotel Visits (2 hour minimum for each visit)

While your pets may love vacationing in South Florida with you, you can’t take them everywhere. While you’re out for a night on the town or a day trip to one of the region’s many attractions, let our pet sitters take care of your furry angel!

Dogs love the adventure of taking a trip with the family. But the time spent alone in an unfamiliar hotel room? Not so much. We’ll be your dog’s loyal companion while you enjoy your time in the Florida sun or take in the sea air by night.

Hotel visits are generally available from 5pm onward. If you’d like to request an earlier time slot, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. We are unable to book last-minute requests for this service. Please schedule your visit before you arrive in Florida.

Hotel Concierges: We’re happy to work with guests that require pet sitting and walking services. Please ask them to contact us directly at 754-300-7838 or


Services For Birds, Snakes, Fish, Turtles and Other Critters

We know that angels come in many shapes and sizes – not simply canines and felines!

You can’t trust just anyone to care for them when you’re away from home. These types of pets can be highly sensitive to changes in their daily routine, so Angels Pet Sitting will provide the consistency in their care that they need.  Best of all, we come to you, so your pet isn’t exposed to the unfamiliar environment or the possible health risks of a boarding facility.

Critter visit

Feeding, fresh water, and cage/tank maintenance included (plant watering, bringing in the mail, and taking out the trash as needed).

Additional Services

Key Service 
We prefer to keep a key on file (safe and secure) in case of emergencies or last-minute requests, but when that is not possible we can pick up or drop off keys.

Emergency Key Service
Don’t call a locksmith if you lock yourself out. We’ll go grab our set of your keys and come rescue you. 

Pet Chaperone Service
If you’re stuck at the office, we’ll drop off and pick up your pet from an appointment at the vet’s office, doggy day care, or the groomer.

Pet Food and Medicine Pick Up
When you’re in a pinch, we’ll visit the pet store or vet’s office to restock your animal’s food or medicine. 

People Food Fridge and Pantry Restocking

Hate coming home from a vacation to an empty fridge?  No problem, just leave us a grocery/supplies list and we’ll have your cupboards and shelves stocked for your return. 

Additional Consultations
After the initial visit, we provide follow-up consultation to discuss behavioral problems, services for new pets, a change in routine, or any other issue where we can lend a hand.

Contact us today to sign up for any of these services!